Onnit Cyber Monday Sale: Save Up to 25%, Earn 10% More Off, Free Go Packs

Onnit Cyber Monday Sale: Save Up to 25%, Earn 10% More Off, Free Go PacksLike I mentioned on Black Friday, Onnit is having a huge sale, and it’s actually getting better today for Cyber Monday. You can still save up to 25% on supplements, foods, packages, fitness equipment and gear, but you can also save up to an additional 10% based on how much you spend. If you spend $150 or more, you get an additional 5% off. If you spend $250 or more, you get an additional 10% off on top of the aforementioned discounts. That’s bonkers! Plus every order regardless of its amount will receive a free single go pack, which is essentially a single serving of something like Alpha Brain or Shroom Tech Sport.

This incredible Cyber Monday sale ends tonight, Monday, December 2, 2013 at 11:59 PST. Remember that PST is actually three hours behind EST, so that would really be 2:59AM EST.

This is all I’m going to say on the Onnit Cyber Monday Sale. Below is the breakdown of the savings:


Save Up to 30% (and more!) During Onnit’s 2014 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Save Up to 30% (and more!) During Onnit's 2014 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Update: 12/01/2014

Today is Cyber Monday, which means it’s the last day of Onnit’s big Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2014 sale. Before the sale ends, you’ll want to head over to the Onnit website and check out the TPC: Total Primate Care page. TPC includes all of Onnit’s best supplements divided into day and night packs, available in 15 and 30-day supplies. This stuff is normally out of stock, so the fact that it’s actually available and on sale today makes it a no brainer. Stock up while this stuff is on sale and save a ton of money compared to buying the supplements individually. Remember, you have until 11:59PM EST (8:59PM PST) today, December 1, 2014, to save big money.

Update: 11/28/2014

I’ve noticed a lot of people heading to this page looking for Onnit’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 sales. This is an old post from last year, but is still getting hits from Google, so I figured I’d update this post with information for this year.

Unlike previous years where you could save up to 25% off Onnit products, Onnit has launched its biggest sale of the year, and maybe ever. The company has said that this will be the biggest sale of the year, so I wouldn’t expect a bigger sale on Boxing Day or heading into 2015. That being said, if you’ve held back on buying something or are looking to stock up on supplements or foods you use regularly, this is the time to buy.

Here’s how the 2014 Onnit Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale breaks down:

  • Save 25% off all supplements
  • Save 18% off all foods and fitness equipment
  • Save 30% off all gear (clothes, bags, etc.)
  • Save an additional 5% off on all orders over $150
  • Save an additional 10% off on all orders over $250!

As you can see, this adds up to some serious savings.

If you were interested in the Primal Bells, you can get the whole line at a crazy discount and save a boat load of cash. This works for any of the expensive Onnit exercise equipment actually. And, if you stock up on multiple bottles of supplements you can save a lot. If you need a new blender, the Blendtec WildSide–which retails for $500 on the Onnit website–is available for about $336 this weekend. This is MADNESS!

It’s a cliche, I know, but literally the more you buy the more you save in the long run.

So click here to check out the special Black Friday and Cyber Monday page that Onnit has posted for a full breakdown of the sale, which ends at 11:59PM EST on Monday, December 1, 2014. You still have all weekend, but don’t put it off and wait because stuff sells out often. The Zombie Bells are out of stock, the Total Primate Care is out of stock, and who knows what could be next.

Have a great weekend everybody!

In my post earlier today I mentioned how I was going to tone down the Onnit posts on this blog, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Like every other online and brick and mortar store, Onnit is having a sale this Black Friday, and it’s the best one of the year. If there are any supplements supplements, foods, package deals, or fitness gear that you’ve had your eye on, now’s the time to pull the trigger. Some of this stuff can also make a great Christmas gift as well, so there’s that to think about too. At any rate, there are some great deals, so act quickly, because some of this stuff is sure to go out of stock over the weekend.

And for the record, this sale includes everything from Primal Bells and Zombie Bells to Onnit 180 drink mix, Total Primate Care, Hemp Force, T+ testosterone booster, Alpha Brain, Blendtec blenders, and everything else.

Here’s the breakdown of the savings during Onnit’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale:

This sale starts on Friday, November 29, 2013 at 12AM EST. So to those of us who don’t go to bed at 9PM, this means Thursday night at midnight everything goes on sale. The sale is on all weekend and concludes on Cyber Monday (Monday, December 2, 2013) at 11:59 PST. Remember that PST is actually three hours behind EST, so that would really be 2:59AM EST. Confused yet? Me too. Not sure why Onnit chose to list these times in two time zones, but there you have it. Visit onnit.com sometime this weekend after midnight tonight (but before midnight on Monday night) and you can save up to 25% off everything.

Onnit Salutes the Military with 12% Discount

Onnit Salutes the Military with 12% DiscountOnnit doesn’t run coupon codes or deals very often, but those of you who serve in the military or live in a military residence have the opportunity to save a bit of money. As a thank you to to everyone in the military for their service, Onnit provides a 12% discount to all orders that ship to APO, FPO, and DPO addresses. Being a Canadian I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant, but essentially it means if you serve in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, or Air Force and have a military address, you qualify for the 12% discount. That being said, you do have to have your account approved first. I’m not sure what this entails, but I suggest you head over to the Onnit website and start saving some money!

Last Chance to Save 16% Off Supplements at Onnit!

Last Chance to Save 16% Off Supplements at Onnit!At the time of writing, there is currently just under 15 hours left to save 16% off any of the supplements available at Onnit. As far as I know, this only applies to the Onnit-branded supplements, so anything that doesn’t carry an Onnit logo you won’t be able to save money on. That being said, all the “greatest hits” in the Onnit supplement catalog qualify for the discount, including Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Immune (protection from the impending cold and flu season), Shroom Tech Sport, New Mood, along with the T+ testosterone booster. The Onnit supplements page has a full list of everything that’s available.

To take advantage of the supplement sale and save yourself 16% off your order, just enter in the Onnit coupon code FALL16 during the checkout process.  You have until 11:59 CST tonight, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST.

(Update 10/28/13: The Onnit Zombie Bell Kettlebells are now available!) On another Onnit-related note, the Zombie Bell has NOT been released yet. I’m seeing in my stats that a few people have found Tight Lightning while looking for the undead kettlebell, but the zombie bell isn’t out yet. I haven’t listened to the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, but me thinks Joe must have mentioned it. At any rate, as soon as it’s released, I’ll have all the details, pictures, and links available here.

Save 16% Off All Onnit Supplements

Save 16% Off All Onnit SupplementsThe 25% off fitness gear sale at Onnit ended yesterday and right on its heels Onnit has started a new sale, this time slashing the prices of its supplements by 16%. The idea for this sale is that you’re going to be eating a lot of garbage over the holidays with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all falling within the next 10 weeks, so you might as well eat better and work out before you go off the rails.

So what can you save money on? the classics like Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Immune (great for the upcoming cold and flu season), Shroom Tech Sport, New Mood, along with the T+ testosterone booster, and some other stuff as well. Check out the Onnit supplements page for a full listing.

To save 16% off Onnit supplements you need to enter in the coupon code FALL16 during the checkout process. This is not like the fitness sale where prices were automatically lowered, so you’ll need to enter in the code FALL16 to save some money. This sale ends in a little under a week on October 16, 2013 at 11:59 CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST.

Save 16% Off All Onnit Food Products and Blendtec Blenders

Save 16% Off All Onnit Food Products and Blendtec BlendersI must have missed this late last week when the new Onnit Hemp Force Vanill-Acai protein powder dropped, but in celebration of the new product release, Onnit also put all of its food products on sale at 16% off. You don’t have to enter an Onnit coupon code, either. Everything’s on sale within the Foods category on the Onnit website.

Things like the original Hemp Force ChocoMaca, the aforementioned Hemp Force Vanill-Acai, Hemp Force bars, Bulletproof Coffee, either bags or in bundles, and so many other things too numerous to mention here in one paragraph.

Another interesting item that’s on sale at 16% off is the Blendtec WildSide blender. This is the ultimate blender if you like making smoothies, or even your own salad dressings and things of that nature. This is the blender that Joe Rogan owns and uses on a daily basis to blend up his Hulk Loads. Yes, they are expensive with a regular retail price of $500, but now you can get one at 16% off.

I wish I wrote about this sale earlier, but as I said, I didn’t catch it in time. That being said, there’s still time left if you act quickly. The 16% off food products sale ends on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 11:59 CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST. That’s today! Now’s the time to grab that blender you want, to try the new Hemp Force Vanilla, or to stock up on other Onnit food products.

Use Onnit’s Mobile Site and Save 12% (and Other News)

Use Onnit's Mobile Site and Save 12% (and Other News)It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything Onnit-related, and of course that has put me a little behind. There are a lot of savings, deals, and new products to touch on, so let’s get to it:

Save 12% at Onnit
I’m a little late with this news, but Onnit launched a new mobile-friendly website recently. To encourage people to visit it, Onnit is giving people 12% off their orders when they buy stuff using the mobile website. I don’t think you need to be a new customer, and there’s no coupon to enter. I believe you just have to visit the Onnit website on your cell phone or tablet and buy stuff that way. Click here to check out Onnit’s mobile website and save 12% off your next order. This offer expires tomorrow on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 11:59 CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST.

Get 200 Bonus Reward Points
If saving 12% off your order isn’t incentive enough for you to place an order at Onnit.com, maybe the 200 bonus points can persuade you?

Anyone who has placed an order with Onnit in the past or does so in the future is enrolled in the bonus points program automatically. Collecting points earns you badges, unlocks free gear, exclusive discounts, and grants you early access to new products. It makes buying stuff a little more fun, and is a great way to reward those who are loyal to the company. The 200 bonus points offer expires on Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 11:59 CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST.

If you’ve ordered from Onnit in the past and have accumulated some of these bonus points, check your mailbox daily because you could be receiving your patch in the mail. Onnit Rewards Patches are real, physical patches with an adhesive backing. I haven’t got mine yet, but they look pretty badass:

Onnit Reward Patches

Mike Dolce Books Now Available at Onnit
New to the Onnit website are Mike Dolce’s books The Dolce Diet: The Living Lean Cookbook and The Dolce Diet: Living Lean. I’m a big fan of Mike Dolce and I listen to his podcast all the time. His approach to dieting isn’t like all the other fads that you’ll hear about and see lining bookstore shelves. He doesn’t say you have to cut out gluten, sugar, meat, or anything like that. You can eat virtually everything, and eat well. Dolce’s approach is all about eating earth-grown nutrients. Read product labels and look for things you can pronounce and things that grow from the ground. If it’s a chemical or made in a lab, it’s probably not good for you. These books are life-changing and are both worth pouring over completely. Check them out here.

New Onnit T-Shirts
If you’re losing weight and getting ripped, you’ll need some new clothes eventually. Onnit has a whole line of awesome T-shirts, and I say that as someone who never wears clothing of any brand. I like plain shirts, or shirts with simple graphics–I don’t want to be a walking advertisement for a company. That being said, Onnit has some badass shirts with awesome graphics that don’t have Onnit or Alpha Brain plastered across the front. There are gorilla and chimp T-shirts, the shark T-shirt I wrote about a few weeks ago, Alpha Brain tempest and owl T-shirts, a new mood zen T-shirt, and some straight-up Onnit-branded shirts. My favorite are the gorilla and owl ones. These are T’s you won’t be ashamed to wear in public:

Onnit T-Shirts

Fitness Gear Back in Stock
Onnit has had some issues with keeping its products in stock, especially when the primal bells first dropped. But all of its fitness gear including primal bells, kettlebells, steel maces, clubbells, steel clubs, and battle ropes are all back in stock and ready to ship.

Onnit’s Fourth of July Sale Extended!

Onnit's Fourth of July Sale Extended!I know you’re probably sick of me talking about this, but I got an email from Onnit this morning saying that its Fourth of July sale has been extended until the end of today. So, if you want to save 17% off any Onnit-branded products, just head over to the Onnit website, add some stuff to your cart, and then enter in the code explosive17 at the checkout and 17% will be deducted off the qualifying products. Stock up on Alpha Brain, Hemp Force, and of course the T+ testosterone booster while the sale lasts. This Onnit coupon code expires tonight at 11:59PM CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST, so you have a few hours left. Go!

Last Chance to Save 17% During Onnit’s Fourth of July Sale

Last Chance to Save 17% During Onnit's Fourth of July SaleToday is the last day of Onnit’s Fourth of July sale which will save you 17% on any Onnit-branded products at Onnit’s website. There’s tons of good stuff over there, so I’m not going to tell you what to check out. Instead, visit the Onnit website, add some Onnit brand products to your card and then enter in the Onnit coupon code explosive17 during the checkout process and you’ll save 17% off your order. The sale ends tonight at 11:59PM CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST, so act quickly!

Save 17% During Onnit’s Explosive Fourth of July Sale

Save 17% During Onnit's Explosive Fourth of July SaleI knew it was coming, I just didn’t know when it would be launched, but here it is! In celebration of the Fourth of July, Onnit has released a new coupon code that will save you 17% off all of its Onnit branded foods and supplements. Just add whatever you want to your cart, use the code explosive17 and then a discount of 17% will be applied to the applicable items in your shopping cart.

The explosive17 Onnit coupon code for the Fourth of July sale is valid until Monday, July 8, 2013 at 11:59PM CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST. This gives you a bit of time to save money and stock up on anything you’re currently using or anything you’ve been on the fence about trying. The more you buy the more you save!

Here are a few things that you could save money on:



These are just a few examples of what you can save money on during the Onnit Fourth of July Sale. Head over to the Onnit website for a full list of what’s available and use the coupon explosive17 to save 17% during checkout.